Why WordPress

Seamless and targeted on the front end;

Intuitive and flexible in the back.


At Alefsites, we built our own content management system, specifically for schools, with the WordPress platform. It is NOT your off-the-shelf WordPress theme. Our CMS is programmed with your style guide requirements, fonts, and colors, making sure your website is branded to your school.


WordPress is the website platform for nearly 64% of all sites on the internet, including large public-school districts, independent schools, and over 50% of the largest and most respected universities. With so much riding on them, they need to perform—powerfully and dependably. And they do. WordPress sites are workhorses that we make look like thoroughbreds.

WordPress advantages:


  • Reliability—WordPress is built to be future-proof—through continuous upgrades, an emphasis on JavaScript, and modern technology.


  • Scalability—WordPress is a high-performance platform that can be built-out to meet any school’s needs. It is customizable, comes with powerful media management tools that allow you to create engaging video and photo galleries, and your content is protected no matter how much there is.


  • Ease of Use—No programming or web design experience? No problem. Navigating the WordPress CMS is straightforward and intuitive for both administrators and end-users. Everything is at your fingertips and there’s all kinds of support when you need it.


  • Adaptability & Flexibility—Mobile-friendly—any size, any screen—so your brand and content are always intact.


  • Feature-Packed—News, social media, calendars…however you want to organize your site, WordPress has the tools to seamlessly integrate all your information.


  • Affordability—Breaking the website mold doesn’t have to break the bank. Because WordPress is an open-source platform, “development costs” aren’t your problem and your marketing budget will go a lot farther.