NOT Your Off-the-Shelf WordPress Theme


Alefsites, a division of Peapod Design, provides Jewish Day Schools marketing and branding services. Our websites are built with ease of use and affordability and uses a content management platform built with WordPress technology.


Our strategists at Alefsites work closely with each school to tell your story ensuring that we meet specific marketing and communication goals and keep within budgets. Our websites are not a one-size-fits-all solution and we help our clients choose between a semi-custom or fully custom design.


Our CMS is programmed with your style guide requirements, fonts, and colors, making sure your website is branded to your school.

Semi-Custom Design


Our templates allows you to:

  • Choose from our library of designed templates

  • Choose from over 15 elements that make your site look and feel unique—without blowing the budget.

  • Get the powerful functionality of big custom sites.

  • Get up and running on a short timeline.


Provide your graphic standards, logo and color palette. Work with Alefsites on your sitemap. We build your site for you and you would just populate the content with photos and text.


Our flexible template gets the job done in style.


Custom Design


A custom design might be the right fit for you if any of these questions apply to you.

  • Is your school in a high population area with several independent school options? More competition requires maximum differentiation.

  • Is your school the only Jewish school in your area? An exclusive space in the market affects messaging priorities.

  • What is your budget? A WordPress site makes your marketing budget go farther.

  • Do you already have a branded look that you want to incorporate into your website? A custom site can accommodate the greatest range of design parameters.

  • Are there specific features that you absolutely must have? A custom site has the greatest flexibility.

  • How many pages do you expect to build into your site? The complexity of your sitemap will affect the range of navigation tools you need.