Marketing and Branding

Creative. Strategic. Effective.


Do you know who you are as a school but need help articulating what sets you apart? Are you having an identity crisis and need help defining your unique value proposition? Are you a work in process that needs transitional messaging? Working with key stake holders, we dig deep into each school’s program, community, and traditions—to define and refine their brand and identity. We aim to find each school’s soul and give it wings—representing it authentically with creativity, precision, and consistency. With expertise in both print and digital design and communications, we develop solutions that ensure a client’s unique identity is presented uniformly and seamlessly across all platforms and media.


  • Branding & Identity

  • Logo Design

  • Print – viewbooks, brochures, magazines, annual reports

  • Advertising

  • Websites

  • Photography




Digital age or not, there is no substitute for quality print pieces—for tangible, durable, material manifestations of identity and messaging. Visually dynamic and often unexpectedly interactive, Peapod Design’s fresh, award-winning approaches to collateral prove that print is alive and well in the 21st century. We give your key constituencies more than something to look at. We give them something to experience and to savor.



See It. Believe It.


Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words knew the power of visual storytelling. We know it too. That’s why we’re so exacting when it comes to photography – and why we offer clients our own photography services. Our staff photographer also happens to be one our founding partners and our brand architect – some whose job is to know your school extremely well, and someone who is intimately involved in the design process and the strategic thinking behind it. With Alefsites you get a knowledgeable, passionate photographer who can capture the images that put your message in perfect focus.

360 Virtual Tours


360 campus tours help you tell a compelling virtual story that showcases your unique brand, campus, and community. Custom options make your virtual tour truly your own—capturing panoramic perspectives on your best campus assets, and making your campus accessible to anyone—anywhere, anytime. We map out the route together and then streamline the process—in about three weeks.